Snakes of Jackson, MS

Jackson snake

Common Snake Species in Jackson

Jackson snake Racer Snakes: The black racer is one of Mississippi's most abundant snakes and inhabits many different habitats. The racer can be anywhere from three to six feet in length and generally has a slim body type. Complete with all black bodies and white necks, these snakes have a striking appearance. The racers deserve their name because of the speed they can move at, which is speeds up to five miles per hour. The black racer eats a variety of foods, such as rodents, birds, and other baby snakes. Despite the bite they can leave, these non-venomous snakes are harmless to humans.

Jackson snake Kingsnakes: The speckled kingsnake, or salt-and-pepper snake, is one of the most respected snakes in all of Alabama. Thriving in urban areas, as well as swamplands, the kingsnake takes on venomous snakes and eats them, as it is resistant to pit viper venom. Generally around two to four feet in length, the speckled kingsnake has a salt-and-pepper checkered appearance. While they do not like to be seen, they can live in many different habitats and have been found in Jackson before. These snakes eat other snakes, rodents, birds, and amphibians. Despite a painful bite when cornered, these non-venomous snakes do not harm people.

Jackson snake Rat Snakes: The gray rat snake, also known as the chicken snake in some Alabama areas, is one of the most common snakes found throughout Alabama. They feature a light or dark gray body with a light-colored throat, often having random stripes of color down their bodies. This snake likes to eat almost anything but has a particular penchant for rats and mice. The gray rat snake is usually three to six feet long and has the ability to climb many different structures. Commonly found in urban areas, gray rat snakes simply need a rodent population to survive in places. When startled, the non-venomous gray rat snake might leave a painful bite, but will not otherwise harm humans.